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Immigration Specialist
Immigration Specialist

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Good news. Jee Young and I had our green card interview this morning, and they approved. It was relatively easy and straightforward. Thank you so very much for all your help. Today's success wouldn't have been possible without everything you did for us.

Thanks again,
Tuesday January 6th, 2004 at 3:30 pm
We have good news. We went to our interview last week. It went very well.
Alfredo now has his conditional permanent residence status!

Thanks to you, what could have been a tremendous stressful process, you made it very simple.
Janury 12 2004
Thank you sooooooo much!!! : )
Januryar 16, 2004
I need your services for other things in the future. I have already recommend you to my friends. You are professional, dedicated, kind and knowledgeable. God bless you.

Muhammed Khan
I just want to thank you for everything. Our interview last December '03 went well and my green card and SSN has been issued already. So, I've been working for quiet a while now as RN but good news, I would be starting my residency training as a doctor in the coming months as I got accepted around here too. Thanks again.

Deli and Ron
I wanted to send a brief note to say Thanks… for meeting last Wednesday. I will be sure to forward any correspondence I receive pertaining to Sarah’s Visa.
Thank YOU for doing a wonderful job.
I will keep you posted.
Talk to you soon.
My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the good news that we just received. My childrens immigrant visa petitions are approved. We are forever thankful for all your help. Your kindness and helpfulness is forever appreciated. My god bless you and your family.
I’ve been meaning to email you but have been moving fast and light. 3 provinces and 5 cities in less than 2 weeks! The good I mean GREAT news is my wife has her K3! They didn’t make it easy and looked for almost any way to reject it as they did many that day. I sat in the park across from the Embassy looking at all the sad faces coming out from being turned down. They really seemed focused on income and tax returns. But they could not find anything wrong with the perfect paperwork.
Thanks for all the help and I’ll be in contact.


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